The Ten Commandments


The Ten Commandments is an Epic American Classic released in 1965 & directed by none other than Cecil B. DeMille. This film dramatized the Exodus, a biblical story told in the Old Testament. This is the story of the deliverance of Hebrew slaves from Egyptian Handlers by God at the hands of Moses. Moses was born a slave but through a chance encounter found a new home in which he was treated as a prince of Egypt. Upon adulthood he would come to find his true heritage & through the word of God would become a profit & leader to his people. The film was produced by  Paramount Pictures & was one of the most financially successful pictures ever released. The film grossed over $65,000,000 in the U.S. box office & if adjusted for inflation the total would have been $1,025,730,000.00 in 2012. This makes it the 6th highest grossing film in domestic history. The Ten Commandments was also voted the 10th best Epic film in American History by 1,500 people from the creative community in 2008.

After the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses I ordered the death of all first born sons belonging to the Hebrew slaves A woman placed her son into a basket & sent him down river to save his life. This child would soon be found & rescued from the Nile by an Egyptian Princess who then decided to adopt the child as her own. The child finds military victory & raises through the ranks to become an Egyptian General claiming victory in war. Moses implements many changes in the treatment of the slaves & eventually he is accused of plotting insurrection. Moses eventually makes his way through the desert nearly dying along the way of thirst & hunger. Once he reaches a well it is in the land of Midian. Moses comes to find God as well as a wife. Soon Moses finds himself back in front of the Egyptian court this time with Ramesses II in charge. Moses tries to convince his brother that the Slave should be freed but the argument falls on deaf ears. Thus begins one of the greatest stories ever told, that of the 10 plagues set upon Egypt. These plagues led to the release of the Hebrew slaves but only after much Egyptian suffering as well as the death of the first born sons of Egypt. After the release of the Slaves the Pharaoh had a change of heart & gave chase to the slaves who were led by god to the red sea. As the Egyptian horde approached Moses split the sea & made good their escape through the power of his God. The Egyptians refusing to give up the pursuit followed them into the sea & were consumed by the raging waters shortly afterward.

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