More Great Jewish Movies


Blazing Saddles is a satirical Western comedy which was directed by Mel Brooks & released in 1974. The movie was nominated for 3 academy awards & came in at number 6 on the 100 years 100 laughs list by the American Film Institute. Brooks plays several of the supporting roles himself. The story takes place in the Old West of 1874. When the railroad runs into quicksand & the direction must be changed. This means the new route will go through a small frontier town where there is a conniving State Attorney General wants to force the landowners off by sending in a gang of thugs so he can buy their land cheap. When a new Sheriff is needed the man for the job turns out to be Bart, a black railroad worker that is about to be hanged. With the assistance of The Waco Kid & his quick wits Bart works hard to overcome the hostile reception of the towns people & rectify the problem for which he was elected.



Bugsy is an American Crime Drama which tells the story of a well known mobster, Bugsy Siegel. It was released in 1991 & stars Warren Beatty. In this film New York Mob Gangster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel goes to California & falls in love with a tough Hollywood actress while he is visiting his friend on a film set. Bugsy then buys a house in Beverly hills while his wife & children stay in Scarsdale. Bugsy comes up with a new idea for a casino in the desert & gets $1,000,000.00 in funding from his friend as well as other New York mobsters by reminding them that in Nevada gambling is legal. After the expenses grew to over 6 million due to Bugsy’s own extravagances he was forced to sell his portion of the casino. The Flamingo’s opening night was a failure & there was also $2,000,000 of the budget missing. Once Bugsy finds that Virginia stole the money he told her to keep it for a rainy day but after he was killed in his home she later returned the stolen money & killed herself some time later. By 1991 the original $6,000,000 invested into Bugsy Siegel’s dream had generated more than $100,000,000,000 in revenues.


Yentl centers around a young girl who actively defies tradition by discussing & debating Jewish Theology & Law with her Rabbi Father. When her father dies she cuts her hair & dresses as a man so she can set out to continues to study Talmud & live secretly as a man. When her study partner finds the truth she asserts that she is neither a man or a woman & that she has the soul of a man. She eventually decides to live as Anshel, a man, for the remainder of her life.

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