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Note: first of all, an apology: our “new” site is coming together a bit more slowly than we wanted, and in the interim we had someone come up with a few ‘placeholder’ pages — someone whose knowledge of and exposure to the Jewish community is apparently limited to movies. Obviously, the quality is not anywhere near the level that we would prefer for our site, but we’re simply too busy to replace it with something more useful, interesting, and/or appropriate. Once again, our apologies.

Clicking on any of the partner links on our site poses no risks — there’s no membership, no cost, and not even any┬áregistration┬árequired. They’ll never ask for any money or personal information, and there’s no malware or spyware (other than ‘cookies’, but you’ll get that from just about any site).All that exists on either site is reviews and some recommendations about which are the best. No tricks, no sales pitches, no pressure.

Well, that’s it for now; enjoy the rest of the site (if you can) and we look forward to bringing you something a bit more worth your time in the very near future!

This site is not restricted to Jewish mail, exclusively.

Instead, the general thrust of the site is to discuss various means that Jewish themes are communicated in recent times. As you’re undoubtedly well aware, media permeates everything. Children are practically born with the innate ability to program a TIVO remote, and set their iPod to shuffle mode. And fashion can’t be ignored – sites like Revlon wigs even have articles addressing Jewish traditions.

Films with Jewish themes have always been of interest to the general populace, and here across this site, we’ll look into some of the more powerful ones. Some of these films you will already be aware of, some of them may be the first time you’ve heard of them. But regardless of your awareness of them, I believe they should be on your map of quality films that have an important message that needs to be seen…and shared. While you enjoy these films, take a look at these corporate gifts, I’m sure you can find a Jewish oriented gift basket as well.

So dig into the site. I hope to at least promote water cooler conversation. If any of these films move you in any way, feel free to post a comment here and share. In addition if you have any other Jewish themed films which deserve an honorable mention please relay the message directly to us for review. After we have had the time to meet & discuss the film in question we will decide if it will be added to the site or not.

Note: Please do not hesitate to communicate any film with any Jewish theme in any area.



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